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Here at Float Life we float more men than women
something we are extremely proud

Floating has the most dramatic affect on your mind, more than how you physically recover faster, more than resolving aches and pains, the influence that floating has on your mind and consciousness is vast.  The parasympathetic response is one of the most powerful natural mechanisms that your body uses to recover and it is only allowed to begin in deep relaxation.  With floating your body and mind are able to reach deep relaxation very quickly and without the years of training that it may take to reach those levels outside of the tank.

By deactivating the nervous system your hypothalamus (the chemical control centre in your brain) is directly effected.  Research has shown that your thoughts and emotions can trigger changes in your body’s chemistry, production of endorphins, and removal of negative chemicals while you float, elicits a feeling of confidence that is not easily reproduced outside of the tank. This mindset is essential for healthy living and your overall outlook on life.

Research has also shown how floating can immediately reduce high blood pressure and heart rate and floating regularly can maintain a reduced heart rate between floats.  This has a permanent effect on stress related  ailments.






Floating on Accelerated Learning

When your mind is free from the distractions of the physical it is able to do amazing things, including learning and absorbing information at an astonishing rate and at a deep level.  This learning process is promoted by accessing the theta-state during a float.  The theta-state allows for increased access to the learning capacity of the of the right hemisphere.  Infants brains spend the majority of the time in a theta-state and are able learn new skills at an amazing rate.  


As we grow older our brain moves into the alpha frequency range and then between ages 10-11 we enter into our adult pattern of beta frequency, which is the state of our normal consciousness for the rest of our lives. In the theta-state your ability to learn  is unmatched, and in the tank you are able to tap back into that frequency. If you are in the process of learning a new language or new skills the tank will allow your mind to retain the new information.  Our tanks are even equipped with underwater speakers and lessons can be taken directly in the tank promoting an optimum learning environment.

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